There are a few different places you can view and complete your tasks: 

  • Your Dashboard
  • The Job Board
  • Each individual order page

The Dashboard

Here tasks are front and center in order by due date so the most immediate tasks are first. To view the order associated with a task just click the order number and immediately you'll have all the order details.

To accomplish a task

When you have accomplished a task click the small check icon to mark as complete. 

Note: Take2 keeps a record of all your completed tasks, so if you need to bring back a completed task just click the round arrow.

The Job Board

From your Dashboard click the small calendar icon to view all orders and tasks. 

On the job board Take2 makes viewing your tasks easy. Click the box by 'Show Only My Tasks.' Now you can see your individual tasks and when they are due! Just click on the task and you'll go right to the order page.

Order Pages

Each order page will have the incomplete tasks above the details and also a tasks tab. This allows your team to record all tasks associated with an order. 

To complete a task just click the check and it will go straight to the tasks tab. 

How do tasks get created?

Anyone who has the Create or edit Tasks permission can add tasks to an order. 

If you aren't sure you have that permission reach out to your management or the Take2 support team!

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