With Take2 you have access to our designer tool which allows you and your team to create great works of art from scratch in just minutes! Here's how to build a design from scratch with Take2.

Create an order

  • First, create an order and add some item details. Then click 'Add a Design'. 

You'll see the item details automatically at the top of the design options screen. Don't worry if you need to edit Take2 makes that easy too.

  • Next click 'Create New Design.'

Start Designing 

On the left hand side of the designer you'll see a few options to start creating a design. 

Add Text and Add Shape Options

  • When you click 'Add Text' a text box will immediately appear on your design. 
  • You can manipulate the added text directly from the design by grabbing the text box with your mouse. 
  • Another way to edit is from the right hand side of your screen you'll see more editing options. This allows you to customize any detail!
  • When you click 'Add Shape' the shape will immediately appear on your design just like your text. 

Add Image

  • When you click 'Add Image' you'll see many different ways to upload an image. 
  • Upload directly from your device, Dropbox, Google drive, and even Facebook.
  • To search online allows you to find images from the internet without leaving the designer. You can add filters or crop the images you find.


  • As you add different features to your design Take2 creates different layers for you. This lets you easily interchange between items.  

Once happy with your design just click 'Save'!


Got some feedback from your customer and need to make changes? Editing is easy too. On the order page just click 'Edit' and then click the design itself! You'll be inside the designer within seconds. Click 'Save' when you are finished! 

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