With templates in Take2, it's easy to create high quality artwork for your customers fast! 

First, create an order with item details

  • Before you can access the templates, you'll need to have some item details. Here's an example of creating an order.
  • Once you've entered an item click 'Add a design' and all the Take2 templates will appear!

Picking a template

You can search for templates three different ways in Take2 to find the perfect one.

  • Pick one of different template categories.
  • Scroll through the different templates.
  • Enter key words in the search bar. 

Editing a template

Once you've selected a template just click and you'll immediately be in the Take2 designer. Here you can edit any details (text, colors, background, fonts, etc).

Now just click 'Save' when you are happy with the design! You can send the order immediately to your customer or save the order as a draft.

Note: If your customer wants some edits, just click 'Edit' on the order page then on the design to be back in the designer.

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