From your Orders page you'll have a column that shows the fulfillment status of an order. Using fulfillments lets your team members be in the know about an order fast.

When orders have multiple items

The orders that have multiple items may be printed at different times or on different printers. In that case, fulfill the items that have been printed so your team is on the same page. Here's how:

  1. From an Order Page you'll find the Fulfill button.
  2. Click the Fulfill button and Take2 brings you to the fulfillment page.
  3. In the Items Remaining list choose the quantity and item(s) to fulfill. 
  4. Then click 'Mark as Fulfilled.' Once you have fulfilled an item they will be in the Items Fulfilled list. 
  5. Go back as many times as you need to fulfill all the items! 

When all items are fulfilled then you will see the green fulfilled in your columns. This lets your team know all items have been printed!

Pro Tip: Take2 automatically marks an order as Complete when an order has been Paid in full and all items have been Fulfilled.

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