You're REALLY interested in Take2, but you're worried about the pain of moving to a new system.   So how long will it actually take to get your company set up with the best young software on the market?

The short answer

About a day if you want your data imported.

The long answer

Take2 actually requires zero setup, if you want to start from scratch, without importing your customers & items.  The only caveat is if you want to import your existing data into Take2.  But luckily, we have an answer for that too!

Getting Your Data Imported

If you want to import your existing data, here's how it will work...

  • We'll ask you for a data export
    Our team will give you instructions on exporting the data you want from Quickbooks, and sending us the file.
  • We'll monitor the import
    Quickbooks files come with a lot of junk, so we monitor the import to ensure everything comes across sensibly.
  • Done
    That's it.  Your entire company is moved over, and you're ready to invite your team and get started.

This whole process will take less than a day, and only require a few minutes of work from you.

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