You're considering Take2, but you're worried about the transition time for your team.  Luckily, Take2 is so fast and intuitive, there's not much to learn.

In fact, most team members can start being productive the moment they open the app and have a look around.  If your team wants to dive deeper and get a better understanding, we have some helpful tips.

Live Support

We've built live chat support directly into the app, so if your team has a question, they can get their answer with no wait time (during extended business hours).  Support is unlimited, and connected directly to our team of pros (even their phones), so you can ask anything, any time.

5 Minutes of Video

Here is a 5 minute collection of videos on the basics of Take2.  After watching this, most people will be experts in Take2.

  • Creating your first order
  • Messages
  • Payments & Fulfillments
  • Design

Onboarding Emails

Whenever your team members sign up for an account, we progressively send them more tips & tricks for being productive and learning new features in Take2.  Each email is short, simple, and helps you and your team learn new features at your own pace.

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